Re: DDS4 Tape Drive Install

From: MoonsOfJupiter (
Date: 02/14/05

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:06:18 -0500

"Mark P" <> wrote in message
> MoonsOfJupiter wrote:
>> I'd like to set up a Compaq SDT-10000 DDS4 drive on a apadtec 2940UW
>> card. The drive is operational, having worked fine in a previous FC2 box
>> (with the same adaptec card). I've moved it over to the current RHELv3
>> system.
>> Kudzu didn't see it :o(
>> I've been all over the Compaq/HP site and they don't acknowledge its
>> existance nor does Sony, who I think actually makes it.
>> mt -f /dev/st0 status tells me "no such device"
>> Do I need to recompile my kernel at this point, or is there some module I
>> can insert and get going?
>> :O:
>> wd
> does doing modprobe scsi_hostadapter allow you to access the tape drive?

No. :o(