copying files to a directory using symbolic link in linux

From: R Padala (
Date: 11/16/05

Date: 16 Nov 2005 07:12:35 -0800

Hi All,

We are using Red Hat linux on our server.

I am trying copy files from the temporary directory /tmp to another
directory /applications/financials/modules/purchasing/messages

The user id that is trying to copy the files has read access to the
source directory( /tmp directory) and full read write permissions on
the destination directory ( the messages directory in the chain
/applications/financials/modules/purchasing/messages). However the user
id doesn't have permissions to the parent directories of the
destination directory (parent directories of messages directory).

Is there any way to copy the files into this
(/applications/financials/modules/purchasing/messages) directory from
/tmp directory by using a symbolic link for this directory created
under /tmp directory?

In windows environment, you can create a share for a sub directory and
give read/write permissions to a user although the user doesn't have
access permissions on the parent directories. Is there an equivalent
way of doing this in linux?

Thanks in advance,
R Padala