Re: Trying to Update to fc2 from rh 8.0 - RPM Segmentation Fault (Repost)

DakaR wrote:
zmonteca wrote:

Right, but I am getting that nasty yum error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/bin/yum", line 22, in ?
   import yummain
 File "/usr/share/yum/", line 22, in ?
   import clientStuff
 File "/usr/share/yum/", line 18, in ?
   import rpm
ImportError: No module named rpm

Which I think is related to a a lacking rpm_python...this precious baby
is a mess right.

   Starting to sound like it...Try pointing at the RH9 repository and do a
yum update see if that fixes things...Until you can identify the real
culprit then you are stabbing in the dark....You could try rebuilding the
rpm database...Can't remember how to do that for the moment..I've been
using kubuntu for too long now :). But use and look for
something like fixing broken rpm database or similar. If you can find the
real problem and don't want to reinstall then you might be able to get a
tarball for your version and install that.

The only RH9 repo these days is via Fedora Legacy:

Keep in mind that all RH versions are EOL'd and all FC versions through FC3 are also EOL'd.

FC4 is the only version actively supported via the FC repos and FC5 is targetted for release next month.

As was stated previously in this thread, do not do an upgrade. You are asking for trouble by risking the mixing of programs from substantially different versions and many of these changes are quite non-trivial. Notable among the changes is going from the 2.4 series kernels to 2.6.

Download the ISO's, check the MD5 or SHA sums, burn CDs, run the media checks and re-install cleanly after repartitioning and formatting.

If you don't have a separate /home partition, back up what you need to and then restore after the install.

Create a separate /home partition during the new install to help avoid these problems in the future.


Marc Schwartz