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i just wonder if you could explain to me how this works...

My internet provider allows me to have ~ 20Mb of Web space
For that, I can connect via an FTP site... and reach my Http webpage with
an FTP software.... (ftp://homepages.......)

Now, if I am running CentOS... How can I do that ?

I declare in Apache something like :

<Virtual host *:80>
servername : <>
directory /home/<my_name)

- but how a FTP software can reach this page for upload ?


I think all you need to do is to login to your web space through your
providers server by using an FTP client. I'm quite sure you don't need to
configure an FTP server of your own like Kevin suggested. your provider
already have that up and running.

All you need is a username and password giving to you by your provider to
access your web space through an FTP client to upload and download the
contents of you web space.

The OP is not asking how to access his ISP, he is asking how to setup similar
behavior on his home system.

The Apache "Virtual Host" directive above points to his local system, not his
ISP... So, if he *is* asking how to access his ISP, his example is wrong.


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