Re: configuring a wireless connection fedora core

....mmm If it doesn't work with Fedora, I am sure wont work with RedHat
EL4. Fedora is the test version for RedHat Enterprise Linux, if
something works perfect on Fedora, they will put on the RHEL.

Try and update your Fedora first.

printdude1968@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'm going to try Redhat EL 4 and see if I have any better luck with it.
I'm using it on one of my desktops (this one) but have it connected to
my wireless router via an ethernet cable. I really hope I can get the
wireless working on my laptop, otherwise it's just another machine,
rather than one I can take with me.

Jos wrote:
On Thu, 16 Nov 2006 13:30:51 -0800, printdude1968@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


When I boot up my Acer Aspire 3623WXCi, I see a message indicating that I
am booting into
"Fedora Core 2.6.1501.2054-FC5" Does this mean I am using Fedora Core 5?
Looks like it! Try: uname -r to see the kernel; probably you get the same
response. If not, post the response ...