Re: What Is Linux?

On 2008-01-09, Randy Yates <yates@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
John Thompson <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

If a program was written explicitly expecting to find, say, a gtk2.6
widget set, and you only have gtk2.0 installed, it will complain if/when
it tries to find a missing widget. The same goes for KDE and qt

And that is precisely the case I've covered already - embed the
dependency into the RPM for the program, so it will upgrade gtk, if
required, to 2.6.

And what about other programs using the old version? What if one or
more of them don't have updates to newer, compatible versions? Are you
willing to break these programs for the sake of getting this one program
to run?

The assumption I make is that, e.g., a program that requires gtk2.0 will
still work just fine with gtk2.6.

But that's not the case. Remeber "linux" is just a kernel; everything
else is an add-on. Unless you make a *BSD type distro/project to update
the whole system all at once, this issue is likely to persist. And
getting all your individual software developers to sign onto a unified
update project is likely to be problematic.

But you can try one of the *BSD systems -- FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD to
see your idea working in practice.


John (john@xxxxxxxxxxx)