Re: Booting to rescue mode, but no /mnt/sysimage

Kenneth Holter wrote:

For recovery testing purposes issued "rm -fr /" on my Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5 server, and tried to boot into rescue mode to see
if I could recover from this sort of failure. I'm running NetWorker
backup software to preform recovery of files.

But when booting into recovery mode, however, there is no "/mnt/
sysimage" folder, as described in Red Hat's documentation. But there
is an "/mnt/runtime" folder that seems to contain the remaining files
on the hard drive.

How come there is no "/mnt/sysimage", and what is "/mnt/runtime"? How
can I access the files in a write-enabled mode so that I can perform
full recovery?

You mean no /mnt/sysimage in the rescue OS? Did you let it go hunting for Linux installations to mount them? If you did, I suspect it failed to find enough to identify the OS as a Linux OS or to find the "/etc/fstab" from the old OS to mount hte partitions.

This is partly why I like to use "labeled" ext3 partitions, to tell me where they were supposed to be mounted.