Re: how to install rpm from installation media

shank wrote:
i am a newbie, got installed RHEL5 with default packages-so i consider
i left out many things.Now i am trying to install those things but
copying rpm from Server directory and installing but it doesnt
work(too many dependencies), is there a way i can use yum without
getting registered with RHN? all i want is to install packages that i
have left out during the installation...coz somewhere i read that can
be done post installation. how do i do it? please help or guide me to
a proper place where i can get the solution to my problem. thanks in

Out of curiosity, if you don't want to register why did you pick an EL release?

If you just started using it why not copy your files and reinstall? Even if you have been using it for a long time, just be certain to copy your username .files in addition to working files. If you have a usb drive just copy all the user files to it cp -Ra (I think) and when you reinstall make the username a symlink to that drive under /home.

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