Re: Booting to rescue mode, but no /mnt/sysimage

On 23 Feb, 00:13, Nico Kadel-Garcia <nka...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Kenneth Holter wrote:

For recovery testing purposes issued "rm -fr /" on my Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5 server, and tried to boot into rescue mode to see
if I could recover from this sort of failure. I'm running NetWorker
backup software to preform recovery of files.

But when booting into recovery mode, however, there is no "/mnt/
sysimage" folder, as described in Red Hat's documentation. But there
is an "/mnt/runtime" folder that seems to contain the remaining files
on the hard drive.

How come there is no "/mnt/sysimage", and what is "/mnt/runtime"? How
can I access the files in a write-enabled mode so that I can perform
full recovery?

You mean no /mnt/sysimage in the rescue OS? Did you let it go hunting for
Linux installations to mount them? If you did, I suspect it failed to find
enough to identify the OS as a Linux OS or to find the "/etc/fstab" from the
old OS to mount hte partitions.

This is partly why I like to use "labeled" ext3 partitions, to tell me where
they were supposed to be mounted.- Skjul sitert tekst -

- Vis sitert tekst -

I did let the rescue OS go hunting for Linux installation, but it was
unsuccessful. So instead of getting the expected /mnt/sysimage (which
I got earlier, before I thrashed the installasjon) I got /mnt/runtime.
I agree with mr. Giwer (the post before yours) that /mnt/runtime seems
to be the files found on the CD.

Do you known which files on the Linux installation is required for
rescue mode to mount the it? In other words: Which files are important
enough so that if these files are lost I have to do a fresh install?