Re: Installation problem

Hi Ryan,

I started Linux in runlevel 3 and it started fine.
I then did an init 5 command and the X system started.

I then rebooted. I saw that grub gives me two options for booting.
The default says:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (2.6.18-92.el5xen)

The other option is:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (2.6.18-92.el5PAE)

If I select the other options, linux boots just fine.

How can I make the other options the default?



On Jul 3, 4:07 am, ryran <rsawh...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Gadi.
So you're saying that you never got it booted even once after install?
You didn't change anything?
It would be helpful to know how far it gets in the boot process..?
What (if any) error messages can you catch before it reboots?

Without that info, all I can say is for you to try booting into
different runlevels and see what happens.
When GRUB (first red screen) comes up, press any key and then press
'a' [to append an argument to the kernel boot line]. Assuming you set
this machine up with X (the default, means it goes into runlevel5) you
could try adding a '3' (no quotes & w/ a space before it) to see if
anything happens differently--it won't load X or any services not set
to load in runlevel 3..might bring you to a command prompt. If you're
still crashing out into a reboot, try putting a 1 instead. If that
doesn't help, try 's' which won't load any of the init.d scripts. If
you get a command-line, type: 'grep id /etc/inittab' ......and report
back the # in the output. I can't imagine how this could've been
changed, but I suppose it doesn't hurt: 'grep :wait /etc/inittab' and
then make sure the three numbers on each line correspond to each other
and proceed consecutively (0 first line,1 second line, etc). In case
you didn't know, if you're at a command prompt and want to shutdown or
reboot, use 'init 0' or 'init 6' respectively.

Ryan Sawhill

On Jul 2, 1:00 am, gadi.ben....@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


I am trying to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.2.

I am installing on a Lenovo computer, Intel E2160 CPU, 4GB RAM, 250GB

The installation went fine.

When I try to boot the system, it starts, but then goes into a reboot

How can I find out what the problem is?

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