Re: Redhat Licensing

On Aug 30, 7:43 am, General Schvantzkopf <schvantzk...@xxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, 29 Aug 2008 22:40:06 -0700, Artificer wrote:
If I need to install RHEL desktop on 100 users PCs do I need to buy
support for each one of them? Or can buy support for one PC and install
the software on the others even if I don’t get support for the others?

Why don't you talk to Redhat about this? Redhat sells support contracts,
not software, the software is GPLed so you can do what you want with it.
What you can't do is buy support for one system and then make support
requests for 100 systems, that would be fraud. You should ask Redhat what
sort of support contracts they have available. If they have a per incident
support contract then you could use that to support as many users as you
want. Even if they don't they will probably offer you a discount for a 100
system contract. If you don't need Redhat support at all then you should
just use CentOS. Even though it's probably OK to put RHEL on all of your
systems, I'd use CentOS just to remove all doubt.

Thanks a lot!