Re: Why /etc is different among distros?

Artificer schreef:
On Sep 3, 12:46 am, Jan Gerrit Kootstra <jan.ger...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Artificer schreef:> I undertand why solaris has different files in /etc compared to Linux
but why /etc is different among linux distros?
Do you understand why /etc is differn for Solaris?
explain to me, please.

This might answer your question.

To me it is just asking an explaination for the tower of Babel.

What I mean is that is obvious that if you want to use solaris you
should study solaris, if you want to use freeBSD you study freeBSD,
but if you want to use Linux you should be able to study Linux however
each distro is sometimes like a whole diferent UNIX flavor. I was
expecting each distro to be diferent to each other just in terms of
the packages instaled and how they were configured. But it was weird
to me to find out that also system configuration files were different.

In fact GNU/Linux distribution differ in the same way as Unix flavors differ (AIX versus Solaris versus HP-UX), this the freedom given by ANSI in the POSIX definitions.

Yes, I agree that it makes it hard to study GNU/Linux. That is why LPI courses differ from Red Hat and Novell/SuSe courses.

LPI cannot go into detail about a system-config-* gui or Yast.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra