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Mike Bleiweiss wrote:
On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 16:59:24 -0800
"W. eWatson" <notvalid2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks. I vaguely recall that I might have to mount a filesystem on a
drive. Is that correct or will their be some space to do that in
memory as a filesystem? If the latter, then I'd probably have to put
the resulting exe file a floppy or removable thumb drive.

Knoppix will load up and create a RAM disk filesystem to run itself
from. Where you go from there depends on what you want to do. You can
then mount a USB drive and copy to/from there - or mount up a hard
drive to copy to/from. If you're going to be compiling a binary you'll
want something mounted to send your finished binary to. Hope that

I'm so out of shape on Linux that last night I tried vi, and couldn't recall how to get to command mode. I plan to mount a small thumb size Sandisk with the C code and present executable. How do I mount one of those things? I vaguely remember fstabs and the mount command>

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