Re: Ubuntu vs Fedora

On 2009-02-19, measekite <inkystinky@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Currently I am using Ubuntu. It is getting near the time where I need to
upgrade my OS and intend to do a clean install with a reformat. I have
two issues.

1. Since I am basically starting from scratch I am strongly considering
fedora 10. Does either distro give me any advantage over the other in any

I've always used RedHat or Fedora and am comfortable with rpm package
management. I haven't learned how to build .deb packages from source but
I'm sure it must be possible. Building rpms is second nature to me now.
If you're comfortable with apt that may be a factor to consider. From
what I can tell, Fedora tends to be more "cutting edge" than Ubuntu,
with all that entails -- both positive and negative.

2. Presently I have a dual boot system with Windows. I have a boot
partition with some boot manager, and windows ntfs partition, a swap
partition and an Ubuntu partition. Ubuntu reads and writes ntfs drives
and that is a requirement but I assume fedora can do the same.

Yes; ntfs support is installed by default in Fedora.

How do I install the new OS and still maintain my dual boot?

It's been a while since I've installed a dual boot system but in the
past the installer has always recognized and automatically configured
the boot manager to boot both systems.


John (john@xxxxxxxxxxx)