Re: RedHat Advanced Server 4.0 - Where can i get media?

On Wed, 01 Apr 2009 23:58:43 -0700, 1PW wrote:

On 04/01/2009 09:47 PM, strepxe@xxxxxxxxxxx sent:
I want to get the media legally i.e. buy it. I'm only interested in the
media and not any support. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone
guide me on this?

Hello Ger:

1) Along with Jan's fine idea, you must further delineate which
architecture you will be supporting. You must have a login account to
view those choices:


Someone with a login account might assist you, if this is legal.

2) Since you are /not/ interested in Red Hat support, you might therefor
be interested in a CentOS4 solution. CentOS 4.7 is much the same with
all references to the "Up Stream Vendor" removed for legal purposes.



The whole point of RHEL is support, if you don't want support then there
is no point in getting official RHEL. CentOS and Scientific Linux are
built from the Redhat source RPMs, the only difference is the removal of
the name Redhat. CentOS is actually better that RHEL in one important
respect, you get everything that's available in all flavors of Redhat,
the Redhat versions are various subsets. Also the media for any of them
is for installation purposes only, once you do an install you'll need to
do an immediate update and then to regular updates to get all the
patches. That's one of the things things you get with a RH support
contract, CentOS and SL have free update servers. The CentOS and SL
updates lag the updates from Redhat because they have to wait for Redhat
to release them then they have to build their own packages. If you need
the earliest possible updates then you should buy a Redhat support
contract, if you can wait a week or two then use CentOS or SL. BTW if
there was a really critical security bug I'm sure the CentOS guys would
turn it around immediately, but those are pretty rare, aside from the
Debian SSL cockup I can't think of another Linux bug that couldn't wait
for a week or two to be patched.