upgrading F8 -> F11

I have been wanting to upgrade to Fedora 11 now that its KDE is good. I
currently have Fedora 8, updated as much as it can be since it's EOL now.

I've been reading about the preupgrade program, installed it and see it
supports an upgrade to either F10 or F11. However, I have also read a bug
report that it doesn't support F10.

I've had good luck upgrading over the years, rather than reinstalling, and
I'm willing to work out the differences, but I want to be able to get to a
75% complete system as I have for all the others I've done. My video card
has long been supported by X, my other hardware is older too. KDE is my
environment and I know that 4.2 is different since I've trialed it on
another machine.

So I have 2 questions:

1. Has anyone done a F8 to F11 upgrade and how did it go for you?

2. Has anyone used preupgrade to do this?

Thanks muchly